Thursday, April 11, 2013

Hidden for Two Thousand Years

These are the words and life of Peter, a disciple of Christ, documented by his travel companion Clement, seven years after the resurrection. Once considered part of the official biblical canon, the teachings in this book answer in detail many questions that modern Christians have been seeking.

Peter's words tie everything in the Bible together - completing the missing links and clearing up ambiguities.

It is amazing how this critical knowledge has been hidden for centuries. Peter's words are a must read for believers and nonbelievers. The book was "lost" because many people are unaware that Peter's words exist as they search for the meaning of life. Peter states our purpose in a straight forward manner and all his words are reinforced by the Bible.

Something About Mary

“And, I James (the Just), wrote this history in Jerusalem. A commotion arose when Herod died, so I withdrew myself to the wilderness until the commotion in Jerusalem ceased, glorifying the Lord God, who had given me the gift and the wisdom to write this history. And grace will be with them that fear our Lord Jesus Christ, to whom be glory to ages of ages. Amen.”

A story about the life of Mary, Mother of Christ.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

William Tyndale New Testament

The first translation from original Greek into English in 1526 by William Tyndale in todays English speak

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